Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

We meet people where they are without judgment and help them be the best that they can be

About Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems is a Community Service Board

What is a Community Service Board (CSB)?

Community Service Boards (CSBs) were set up by the state to provide direct and immediate assistance to those requiring help. If you or a family member needs access to support for mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse services, find the nearest Community Service Board (CSB) that can assist or provide a referral. As a CSB, Advantage provides services to those in Northeast Georgia.

Our Mission and Vision

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems provides person-centered treatment and recovery support to individuals and families experiencing behavioral health challenges, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases

We envision a community of collaborative and multidisciplinary partners where everyone is understood and accepted without judgment, has access to high-quality and sustainable care, and thrives in their life journey.


QUALITY: We meet the needs and exceed the expectations of everyone by utilizing best practices, and always striving to do better.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe in ethical and responsible stewardship of the financial resources, employee and community relationships, and the individuals and families entrusted to our care.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We seek continuous improvement in the services we provide, the lives of our clients, and the health of our agency through education, evaluation, and a willingness to change.

RELATIONSHIP: We nurture connections among employees, client, and the community that allows individuals to realize their greatest potential through self-determination.

ACCESSIBILITY: We will actively engage with our communities to ensure everyone has access to person-centered care.

Our History

The Northeast Georgia Center and Community Service Boards in Georgia

The predecessor to Advantage Behavioral Health Systems, called the Northeast Georgia Center, was established in 1972. Deinstitutionalization of individuals with mental illnesses occurred rapidly. By 1975 almost 75% of mental health care was being provided in community-based clinics. A decade later, the population of patients in Georgia’s state mental health hospitals had dropped to fewer than 125,000.

In 1972 the Division of Mental Health became part of the Department of Human Resources. Locally, area mental health and developmental disability programs existed under the leadership of county boards of health. Each Center was fairly independent, even though the structure of a Ten county area was already established as Northeast Georgia Center. Clinics were typically tied more to their county board of health than to the larger entity of Northeast Georgia Center. The medical model predominated.

In 1994, House Bill 100 created a significant change for Mental Health, Addictive Disease and Developmental Disabilities Services. This bill created community service boards (CSBs), which were separate from the Boards of Health. CSBs were established under their own governing boards, with representation from each county served within its auspices, and representation by family members of or former consumers of services. Appointees to the Board were made by the County Commission. Local mental health centers were no longer a part of state government. Rather, the state contracted with CSBs to provide services.

The Past 10 Years

State Level
Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

The legal status of CSBs was refined in 2002 by defining CSBs by statute as public corporations and instrumentalities of the state, through the Department of Human Resources (DHR), Division of Mental Health, Addictive Disease, and Developmental Disabilities.

On July 1st, 2009 the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities was created through HB228, taking the division out of DHR, and placing it directly under the Governor through an appointed Commissioner. This bill also created a council that included the commissioners of all entities that interface directly with individuals with behavioral health disorders and/or developmental disabilities. This was in recognition by the legislature that each department was operating in a silo fashion in regard to this population of citizens.

Local Level

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems is in a mature level of development that allows for high performance within its financial means. This level has been secured through meeting significant challenges head-on. Working through these challenges has taken our agency from independent clinic-based operations, with little sense of ownership for the agency at large to a whole-agency identity, operating under a team leadership model. Our leadership has enabled Advantage to become a higher-level professional agency, offering evidence-based practices to its clients; a business-focused agency focused on efficient practices and fiscal stability; and a community partner operating 19 clinics within the 10-county region of Northeast Georgia.

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