Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Health Education & Integrated Care

Integrated Care Program
240 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30606
706-389-6789 extensions – 1249 or 1235
Monday – Friday; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Advantage’s Health Education and Integrated Care program provides recovery-oriented & individualized care coordination, health education, referrals to supportive and community services for clients with behavioral health and physical health needs. The foundation of this program is the relationship with client and collaboration between client, care coordinators, physicians, treatment team and key external advocates.

Advantage’s Health Education and Integrated Care Program offers the following services:

Care Coordination:
Care Coordination entails developing partnerships with clients, collaborating with treatment providers and community supports to assist with organizing/coordinating client care and treatment needs with a person-centered approach to address all areas of clients’ health.

Medical Care:
Advantage has partnered with the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership and Salveo to provide person-centered, primary health care for clients who are uninsured or underinsured to assist in disease prevention and/or managing existing physical health care needs.

Health Education:
Health education groups provide recovery-oriented and person-centered care which provides clients the opportunity to learn and gain information about personal health issues within a group setting. Currently, we offer the following groups to Advantage clients: Diabetes Education, Smoking Cessation and Substance Use Education.

AUD Vivitrol:
Medication may play a key role in the successful management of symptoms while beginning the recovery process. For these clients, we offer our licensed psychiatrist to assist clients in discussing medication options and how medication may play a role in the recovery process. Furthermore, our Integrated Health staff can provide education and support around ensuring clients are taking their medications properly and address any other health concerns. Vivitrol treatment gives opportunity for uninsured clients living with a severe or moderate alcohol use disorder diagnosis, per DSM-5 criteria, to have access to monthly Vivitrol (naltrexone) injections at no cost.

HIV Early Intervention Services
240 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, Georgia 30606
706-389-6789 extension – 1288
Monday – Friday; 8:30am – 5:00pm
Special outreach events may be on weekends or nights

HIV/Hep-C Education & Testing:
HIV Educator provides confidential HIV & Hep-C services (education groups, prevention skills, pre-test counseling, testing, post-test counseling, and linkage to care) to all Advantage clients at their request, with anonymous testing available for those who desire testing. Our HIV Educator works with internal Advantage programs, local community partners, and contributes to community health fairs and special event testing.

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