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Grants allow Advantage Behavioral Health Systems to expand its programs, increase its services, and ultimately help more people. If you are able to assist with grant funding or would like more information on our grant initiatives, please contact Evan Mills, Director of Business Development at 706-389-6789 x 1111.

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) SAMHSA Grant

Summary Federal Award 8/31/21 – 8/30/23 $4,000,000

GOAL 1: Expand access to Advantage’s existing behavioral health continuum of care through increased evening and weekend hours, increased referral and care coordination with local hospitals and criminal justice entities, and increased staffing in our outpatient programs.

GOAL 2: Establish an integrated primary care program that includes co-located primary health screening and monitoring, health education, and vaccine administration while simultaneously expanding our coordinated care model through established referral relationships and care coordination activities.

GOAL 3: Improve veteran engagement and experience of care by providing organization-wide training on military culture and implementing evidence-based practices tailored to veterans and their families.

GOAL 4: Establish a comprehensive trauma-informed care environment by providing staff training on trauma, integrating TIC practices into client-facing processes and procedures, and implementing trauma focused treatments within Advantage’s existing continuum of care.

GOAL 5: Elevate standards of care through implementation of an outcomes-based treatment model that includes staff training on population health and outcomes management, use and integration of client-level outcome measures into ongoing treatment, establishing key treatment outcomes for clinical programs, and developing dashboards and analytics for ongoing tracking of performance indicators.

SAMHSA AWARD Community Mental Health Clinic

9/30/21 – 9/29/23

GOAL 1: Strengthen and expand telehealth infrastructure to allow hybrid in-person/telehealth programming and to allow signature capture technology.

GOAL 2: Expand mental health resources for employees by increasing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) access and offering monthly wellness programming.

GOAL 3: Expand training opportunities for direct-service staff in culturally equitable care, trauma-focused care, and behavioral health disparities.

GOAL 4: Implement peer-individual and group services focused on the mental health impact of COVID-19

GOAL 5: Expand existing services to frequent utilizers of community crisis services, especially police and emergency departments, to allow for peer-led case management, outreach, and coordination of care.

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