Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Adult Day Programs

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The Discovery Center
62 Chestnut St., Elberton, GA 30635
Monday – Friday; 8:30-5:00

Clarke PSR
2085 S. Milledge Avenue
Athens, Georgia 30605
Monday – Friday; 8:30-5:00

New Directions in Recovery
834 Hwy 11, South
Monroe, GA 30655
Monday – Friday; 8:30-5:00

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a recover-based program whose purpose is to teach and enhance life skills for individuals who are challenged in these areas. Skill building is focused on budgeting, nutrition education, symptom management, medication management, vocation and working skills, social skills and dealing with stigma. The program format is based on working on skills within a group setting. This program is led by a CPRP and operates five hours a day five days a week.

PSR is available to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Has a severe and persistent mental illness
  • Needs frequent assistance to obtain and use community resources
  • Experiences an inability to function and carry out essential life skills such as ADLS, social skills, vocational/academic, and/or community integration.

Peer Supports

Peer Support (iCAN)
240 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30606

iCAN is a peer support program for individuals who need a minimum amount of daily structure and support as they continue their process of recovery. A Certified Peer Specialist facilitates this program and helps group members develop and implement a variety of activities to increase one’s self-sufficiency and maximize one’s level of independent functioning. Examples of activities include relationship, work, health and nutrition groups. Clients also create WRAP plans for themselves. This program routinely operates five hours a day, five days a week with some activities occurring outside these hours.

iCAN is available to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Has a severe and persistent mental illness
  • Has the ability and motivation to engage in activities focusing on and maximizing self sufficiency and self advocacy
  • Has the ability to fully participate in decision making and functioning of mutual support program
  • Has the ability to benefit from peer modeling and self-advocacy skills
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