Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Medical Assistance Program

Do You Need Help Paying for Your Prescriptions?

Advantage helps with client access to medications through several mechanisms. Pharmacies may receive prescriptions for generic medications bought by Advantage or medications that will be filled through various insurance programs, including Medicaid. Advantage also helps individuals obtain medications through medication- or patient-assistance programs.

A Medication Assistance Program (MAP) is a program of a pharmaceutical company that helps provide access to mental health medications for individuals without prescription coverage through their commercial insurance programs, those without assistance through Medicaid or Medicare programs, and those without any health insurance coverage at all. Advantage works with these pharmaceutical companies to obtain medications, when available, for clients.

Pharmaceutical companies have identified certain medications that can be provided through their programs. Individuals who would like to participate in a MAP program must follow specific financial guidelines in order to receive these medications.

In order to begin the application process for these medications, MAP will help determine the program(s) for which an individual may be eligible and will determine what documentation is required for a specific pharmaceutical company. Once the application is completed with the required documentation from the individual, it is submitted to the pharmaceutical company for review and determination of approval.

If the individual is approved, the medication is shipped to Advantage and the medication is available for pick up at the next appointment. It generally takes between 4-8 weeks for the completed process, once the completed application is submitted to the pharmaceutical company.

Currently, approximately 3000 individuals are helped through the MAP program at Advantage each year.

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